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The Essex Web Designer Ecommerce Websites using Wordpress

Uploading Your Shopperpress Theme via FTP

This is the process the Essex Web Designer uses to upload the Shopperpress Wordpress Theme via FTP to create Ecommerce websites.

Installing your Shopperpress Wordpress Ecommerce Theme using an FTP Client

Whilst Wordpress provides an in-built function for installing Wordpress Themes such as Shopperpress, the Essex Web Designer has found it to be temperamental and favours using an FTP Client to upload the Theme files.

You will need some FTP software...and here's one you can get for free!

To upload your Shopperpress Wordpress Theme, you will need an 'FTP Client'. This is a piece of software that you install on your computer which can then create a connection between your computer and the server on which your domain/website is hosted, enabling you to drag and drop files onto your website, much in the same way as you can on your computer.

Windows is capable of FTP upload, but the Essex Web Designer prefers to use a dedicated piece of software, specifically created for the purpose of transferring website files by FTP.

 FileZilla is FTP Software recommended by the Essex Web Designer

An FTP Client recommended by the Essex Web Designer is FileZilla. If you are a Windows user, download the latest version file ending in ''. If you are a Mac user, please refer to the help files on the FileZilla website. If you need help installing FileZilla on your computer, the Essex Web Designer recommends you refer to

Download & Unzip your Shopperpress Wordpress Theme to your computer

When you purchased your Shopperpress Wordpress Theme, you will have been emailed instructions for downloading the zip file to your computer. Follow those instructions and save the downloaded zip file to a folder of your choice on your computer (PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes the zip file is downloaded by default into your 'Downloads' folder (in Windows 7 the Downloads can usually be found under 'Favourites').

Once downloaded, you will then need to unzip the files, usually this can be achieved by double clicking on the zip file and then clicking on 'Extract Files' (which should automaticaly appear near the top left of your screen). 

Make note of where the extracted files have been extracted to.

You will need your FTP login details

If you don't already have them, you will need your FTP login details which you will need to request frin your hosting company. You will need:

  • The Host Server Name or IP address
  • Your Username
  • Your Password

Configure your FTP Client

You will need to configure your FTP Client using your FTP Login details so that it can connect to your host server. If you are using FileZilla as recommend by the Essex Web Designer, I recommend you refer to Once configured connect to you host server and within FileZilla, navigate to the folder where your extracted Shopperpress Theme files are located.

Upload your Shopperpress Ecommerce Wordpress Theme files

In FileZilla, usually in the right-hand window which is displaying the wordpress files on your host server, double click on the wp-content/themes/ folder. Then drag and drop to transfer the entire Shopperpress theme folder into wp-content/themes/ The end result on your host server should end up looking like this: wp-content/themes/shopperpress

Login to your Wordpress Dashboard & Activate your Shopperpress Theme

If you don't have your Wordpress login details, you need to contact your website administrator or hosting company. Once logged in to Wordpress, go to Appearance and then Themes. You should now see your Shopperpress Theme for you to use. Click on the Shopperpress theme title and then click Activate.

Click top-left on 'Return to Website', and you should now see your Shopperpress Theme being diplayed on your website.