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Client testimonials about the Essex Web Designer

Dear David,

I have great pleasure in writing to you to express my sincere gratitude for your contribution to our event back in July. I understand that you delivered the artwork at very short notice and its concept clearly identified the appropriate branding we were trying to achieve. Our event was a very significant and successful one, made more so by your time and contribution. Please accept the thanks of myself and my team's appreciation for the work you provided. With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Morris | Commander | OPCT | Metropolitan Police
Re: Excercise Citius Torch 15th & 16th July 2010 | Olympics 2012 Security Exercises Logo Design

Essex Web Designer

Dear David

I just wanted to put on record my thanks for the excellent work you did in collaboration with me on making social media work better for my business. Whilst I had a website, Facebook page and Twitter account for my business and updated them regularly I wasn't sure how effective they were being.

For example, I did not understand how analytics worked, now I do; I was not driving traffic back to my website regularly, now I am; I had not run any specific campaigns as I didn't have the know-how to create something online, now I have with your help; the website was a bit unwieldy as it had too many pages, now it is more streamlined and businesslike; and finally I couldn't be found on the front page of Google searches, now I am!!

I now feel as if my social media options are working far more effectively in driving traffic towards my website and I hope that will benefit me in terms of conversion into more referrals, greater recommendations and ultimately, more clients.

I would have no hesitation in using your services again or in recommending you to others and would say to anyone looking to have an online presence, or who has one already, "if you are serious about making social media and your website work for you, then you need to have a 1-2-1 consultation with Essex Web Designer David Mears"

Thank you again for everything - it was and is hugely appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Tim White | Personal Trainer |

Dear David

I've just picked up my biggest client to date who told me they'd found my website and was very impressed. I didn't event have to try to sell my services to them - they were already sold! Thank you for all your help and advice, and for a great design and for getting me onto the front page of Google!"

Peter Woraker | Power-Jet |