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Pixlr tutorial - Image resizing

Posted by admin on May 8, 2013

Pixlr is (currently) a free online image editor that you use in your browser and is great for prearing your images for use on the web (it automatically changes the images resolution to 72dpi...web resolution!).

MAC USERS!.. Pixlr is uses won't work on any Apple devices.

To use Pixlr start by going to where you will be presented with this screen:

Pixlr TurotialEssex Web Designer

Click on 'Open Image From Computer' and then navigate to where you have your pictures stored on your computer, and select the image you would like to re-size for your website of social media page. The following screen grab shows an image which is 1024 pixels wide.

To make your image smaller, go to the Image menu (top left) and click on Image Size:

Pixlr TutorialEssex Web Designer

You will then see a pop-up window in the middle of your screen that shows the width and height of your image. IMPORTANT: Check the 'Constrain Proportions' box - with this box checked, when you change either the width or height, the image will keep it;s original proportions (rather than becoming stretched or squashed!).

Pixlr TutorialEssex Web Designer

To change either the width or the height of your image, click on the small arrows to the right of the white boxes containing the numbers and use the slider. Standard image widths are 1024 pixels, 800 pixels and 600 pixels, but you can re-size your images to suit your requirements.

REMEMBER: Making a large image smaller will keep the quality of the image - making a small image larger can result in blurred/pixelated images.

Pixlr TutorialEssex Web Designer

Your image will then be re-sized; the new size is displayed in the bottom left corner of your image window:

Pixlr TutorialEssex Web Designer

Now you need to save your image - remember to use a new name for your image, otherwise you will overwrite the original one which I recommend you keep:

Pixlr TutorialEssex Web Designer

When you click on 'Save' a pop-up window will appear which enables you to enter a new name for your image, the format and the quality.

I recomend that you use JPEG for the format, and move the slider up to 100% for the quality.

Then you will have a re-sized photo at the correct resolution for web usage.

Pixlr Tutorial