How to submit a website to search engines

Posted by admin on February 26, 2013

I'm often asked how to submit a website to search engines - this is the way I do it...

Currently Google is the largest of the four major search engines, claiming nearly 90% of all searches made in the UK and US     Currently the Bing search engine is th 2nd of the major four search engines    The Yahoo! search engine is currently the 3rd largest search engine, but it gets its results from the Bing search engine is the smallest of the search engines in terms of search volume

There are four major search engines you should submit your website to as quickly as you can once your domain has been hosted - as soon as the search engines are aware of your website, your website starts maturing which is a good thing!

Submit your website to all four major search engines

Don't just submit your website to Google; whilst Google claims almost 90% of all searches made year after year, both in the US and UK, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask each have a share of the remaining 10% which combined attract nearly 15 million searches each year!

So, here's how to submit a website to search engines:

To submit a website to Google:

Google will automtically find your website if there are links from other websites (such as a listing if you have one) as Google has 'spiders' that continually crawl the web looking for websites. In fact, a link from another high ranking website can be of great benefit to your website. There used to be a way of submitting your website address without requiring a Google account, but that has recently changed.

Whilst it may not be necessary to submit a website to the Google search engine, this Essex Web Designer prefers not to leave it to chance and so I do the following each time I create a new website:

  • Setup a Google account (it's free) - Click here to go straight to the Google sign up page
  • Once logged into your Google account, click here to go to Google Webmaster Tools and login
    using your Google account login details
  • Whilst logged in to your Google Webmaster Tools account click here and submit your URL

There is also a way you can submit your XML sitemap to Google which I recommend you do, but if the term 'XML sitemap' confused you, just follow the above bullet points for now.

To submit a website to the Bing search engine:

As with Google, there are two ways to submit a website to the Bing search engine. The easiest way is to click here: and go to the Bing search engine 'Submit your website to Bing' page and enter your website address.

Once you've submitted your website address, Bing will take you to their 'Bing Webmaster Tools' page, and offer you the opportinity of signing up for a free account, which if you do, will enable you to submit your XML Sitemap to Bing which I recommend. However, if the term 'XML sitemap' confuses you, just submit your URL for now.

To submit a website to the Yahoo! search engine:

This is the easy one...submitting your website to the Bing search engine automatically enters it into the Yahoo! search engine. Why? Because since 2011 Yahoo! is powered (i.e. gets its search results) from Bing.

To submit a website to the Ask search engine:

Ask no longer provide a URL submit feature, nor do they provide a sitemap submit feature having retired these features in preference of finding websites by crawling the web. However, I recommend that if you're able or if you have someone providing you with technical support, I recommend that you add a line to your robots.txt file as follows:

sitemap: http://www.yourdomain/yourXMLsitemapaddress.xml

(for example my sitemap is

There's no need to submit a website to search engines more than once - however...

Once you have submitted a website to the search engines, you don't need to submit it again. However, I do recommend though that you keep your XML sitemap up to date as the search engines will return to it regularly to check to see if you are keeping your website up to date.

Hope this helps!

Best of luck with your website projects.

The Essex Web Designer.