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Hootsuite Hootsuite I hear you cry

Posted by admin on February 17, 2013

A question I have been asked is, "Do you think Hootsuite is ok to 'do' your social media?" - As a Hootsuite user and having carried out additional research, this is my answer...

Hootsuite Hootsuite!

Hootsuite is a tool I recommend to clients who:
  • Are serious about their social media marketing
  • Who have multiple social media accounts (for example LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Google+), and
  • Who want to save time.
Hootsuite provides a browser-based platform from where you can post updates, and schedule future updates, across multiple social media networks from a single place.
This video below shows you an overview of Hootsuite - Click here to visit the HootSuite website

Hootsuite doing your social media for you..?

One of the features that Hootsuite provides is the facility to use RSS feeds to 'pull' content from other websites of your choice, and then post that content across your selected social media accounts as if it you were posting it. If you would like to visit the HootSuite website click here.

Hootsuite Positives:

  • Hootsuite is a great time saver, and being able to schedule your updates, posts and Tweets is a feature I find very useful.
  • As well as supporting LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, Hootsuite also supports Foursquare, MySpace, Wordpress, Mixi (Japanese Social Network with over 30 million users) PLUS there are Apps you can use for other social media networks including YouTube.
  • The free version of Hootsuite is great if you only have 5 social media accounts to manage.
  • Using the RSS feature to post information from well chosen websites creates the impression of you being regularly active.
  • Larger organisations can set up 'Teams' within Hootsuite that can manage social media marketing
  • Hootsuite can provide you with useful Analytics data, enabling you to measure the success of your social media marketing.
  • Hootsuite provides a free extension for the Google Chrome browser and Firefox browser

Hootsuite Hootlet

The Hootsuite Hootlet is a great browser extension provided free of charge by Hootsuite (Hootsuite Hootsuite!) that when installed, adds a Hootsuite icon to your browser which when clicked on enables you to share the page you are on either instantly or at a scheduled time. This video explains more about the Hootsuite Hootlet:

And this video shows you how easy it is to Auto-Schedule your Social Media updates:

Hootsuite Negatives:

  • If you have more than five social media accounts you need to manage, you'll need to subscribe to Hootsuite Pro (although a 30 day free trial of Hootsuite Pro is available) which currently (2013) costs $9.99 (approximately £6.50) per month.
  • Using RSS feeds lacks personality and quickly makes it apparent to readers that you're 'cheating' & that the posts are automated. Also, it leaves you open to looking foolish when clients see you and start making conversation about an update 'you' posted, that you know nothing about!

In Conclusion:

In my humble opinion, Hootsuite is a great, cost effective way of managing your social media marketing. If you just want to save time by creating your posts and updates in one place, it's great! If you want to plan and schedule your posts and updates to experiment with timings and wording, it's great! If you want a system that provides you with data about your social media marketing,.. You guessed's great.
I recommend you go and sign up for the 30 day free trial of Hootsuite Pro and see for yourself how useful it can be for you.
Click here to go to the HootSuite website
Wishing you success with your Social Media Marketing,
The Essex Web Designer